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dialogos 2001 report


after a bit more of 4 hours travel i arrived at the trainstation jena west. some minutes later i was brought to the partyplace, again the 'holzmarkt-passage' in the city-center of jena. and also the used rooms were the same with the exception for the not available sleeping room. for sleeping there was just a seperate area inside the second room (without windows), but of course not so low noise like in an extra room. not that much people were at the partyplace on arrival, but many people came some hours later. also tomcat/greenroom was at the partyplace (he is making the demobook called 'freax'), i had a nice chat with him. there weren't any compos on the first day, so the first part of my demoshow was the only official event on this day. in the beginning of the show there were some difficulties with the sound, but the error wasn't on my side. at a real bar you could purchase drinks for a fair price. there were no special food offers this year. the wildmag crew was offering a 'diskmag pack', a cd full with pc diskmags.

the second day was starting with the graphics compos (raytrace, visual and pixel gfx with some nice entries), followed by the wild compo. haujobb made a quite good job with their 'vegetable wars', but also 'andruschka' by jco was quite funny. kolor made a nice animation that is also worth a top three place. the picture quality in the cinema was better this year. the network was stable, but often quite slow because several people used only 10mbit hubs and there was also a problem with the server. in the music compos on the afternoon there wasn't any real surprising tune. after repeating the gfx and wild compo in the early evening the 2nd part of my demoshow was starting - this time without problems. just the drunken tobi/haujobb tried in the beginning to catch my microphone for the live moderation, but he failed ;). after the show several 35mm films were shown on original cinema equipment. on the later evening i was watching some old intros and demos together with melwyn/haujobb.

shortly before 2 am the intro and democompo began in the cinema. the best 4k-intro is surely an entry by t$. after this compo the video recorder broke down and so the organizers had to show the rest of the compos live instead from tape. but this made only one time a bit more trouble when a demo crashed win98 and another demo didn't run on the first try because the archive contained not the needed subdirectories. the best 64k-intro is probably coming from unik, but also headcrash and skp made nice stuff. in the democompo with its 16 (!) demos we saw some real good ones, but also several quite crappy productions. the best demos came from haujobb, kolor, black maiden and farbrausch. also the eichel demo wasn't bad and there was a quite good fun demo from the john trapolka memorial krew (also the only dos production and it didn't crashed the system!). after the compos the leeching of the compo releases began, followed by some hours of sleep. finally it was time for the pricegiving, moderated by tobi/haujobb. the wild compo was won by haujobb, followed by kolor and jco. the 4k-compo was won by t$. in the 64k-compo unik won as expected, followed by headcrash and skp. in the democompo kolor made the 1st place, followed by farbrausch and haujobb. the dialogos party was again a success and the compos were mostly running without problems. the organizers did even with less money than last year a very nice job.