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links and greets


demoscene portals

orange juice actually the most important portal page
scenet another portal with many news & links
bitfellas growing demoscene community (registration needed)

demo databases and reviews

demoo the database from the swiss group calodox
monostep diver's database with 3 screenshots from every demo ftp-archive, actually the no.1 source for demos
two headed squirrel very good source for demo reviews


dan wright american demoscene veteran, responsible for the mindcandy dvd
digital overflow a fun-group and really friendly guys
entropy a good host for me when visiting him before evoke 2000
fzool of salva mea, keeping the c64 scene alive
pap-group formerly known as tum, a fun-group and true 100% sceners
salva mea a new group, founded by members of (ex)tum and digital overflow
scamp real hardcore scener and main organizer of the underground conference
sol finnish demoscene veteran (member of trauma) and also a good story writer
styx of headcrash, friendly german scener with an interesting page


chaosradio they made the first demoscene program on public radio possible
evoke the regular german summer party since 1997
breakpoint biggest scene only party and successor to mekka/symposium
nectarine internet radio with music from sceners (not only) for sceners
poti of black maiden, main organizer of the successful evoke parties
trixter no.1 source for demo history, also responsible for the mindcandy dvd
wayfinder he moderated together with me the first demoscene radio program
#coders.ger home of the german ircnet channel with many useful links

big respect to all sceners which are giving me financial support!


complex for 'dope', still a demo with one of the best soundtracks ever made
dubius for the very nice demo that they done for my former bbs 'magic view'
fk of (ex)n-factor for the fantastic wired'95 tune 'calliope'
future crew todays demoscene wouldn't be the same without them
halcyon and da jormas for 'saint', a really kick-ass demo
han solo of tc for 'tribute', a wild demo that hits every true sceners heart
orange and halcyon for many progressive demos
oxygene just two pc demos (contrast and solex), but they will be known forever
haujobb and pulse for many nice demos
purple and blasphemy for bringing back the design to the demoscene
scorpik for the awesome ambient tune 'cocoon' on the audiophonik cd

greetings to all active sceners which are keeping the demoscene alive!

disclaimer: i'm not responsible in any way for the content of the linked pages!