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dialogos 2000 report


at early afternoon i was arriving at the station jena west after a bit more than 3 1/2 hours travel. crossbone was coming a few minutes later to bring me and my computer to the partyplace (a building with a small shopping mall, a restaurant and a big cinema in the city center).

around 40 people were already here. the atmosphere was not that cool like last year, but many shops were very nearby this time - usefull for buying cold drinks and other stuff needed while partying. there were two rooms for the computers available, one with big windows to the street. all compos except the music compos were held in the biggest cinema room of the 'cinestar' cinema - of course an incredible location for a demo or intro-compo. in another room the organizers played ambient music most of the time. here the people could chill in comfortable arm chairs. also the music compos were held in this room (unlike last year with a good sound quality).

the network was running very stable most of the time, only for an irc server we had to wait a longer time, but finally someone opened a server. there was no internet access. on the first day only the opening ceremony was starting. around one hour after midnight i was starting my live moderated demoshow. luckily quite many people were watching and the show again a success. on all days a reporter of the german economy newspaper 'handelsblatt' was making photos and talking with the people.

after taking some hours of sleep in the separate sleeping room it was time for a cheap, but good breakfast (special offer for the party visitors). then the first compos (graphics and wild compo) were starting in the big cinema room. i was involved in the wild entry 'chair' by the chairkeepers, but don't try this at home! ;). from time to time there were limited offers for free sandwiches and 'red bull'. it was also possible to have a big pizza with a drink for just 8 dm. in the afternoon the music compos were held in the chillout room, moderated by netpoet/park. on the evening digital overflow and tum announced a wild graphics compo with the topics 'snowman', 'body spray', 'camping chair' and 'escalator'. on the evening the group 'seelenfunken' was giving a classic electronic concert in the chillout room. like last year one day visitors were allowed at the partyplace, but they made no problems.

shortly after midnight the wild graphics compo was starting with live music from the group 'seelenfunken'. it seemed that dfox wasn't that lucky with this fact. at 2.15 in the morning all intro and democompos were starting in the cinema. the sound quality was ok, but the picture could have more brightness and contrast. freestyle were showing a very nice 4k-intro called 'stoerfall ost'. in the 64k-compo bypass+unik and kolor were presenting the best intros. the demos with the best chances for the top 3 were coming from pmf, farbrausch, magic dreams vs. unik and eichel.
finally it was time for the price giving ceremony, moderated by netpoet. freestyle won the 4k-compo, kolor the 64k-compo in front of bypass+unik. in the democompo farbrausch was successful in front of pmf and magic dreams vs. unik. this year dialogos was a quite nice party and it should continue this way. especially the cinema for the compos was a great idea.