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evoke 2002 report


evoke 2002 photos

i was arriving on late thursday evening in cologne where poti (evoke main organizer) was already waiting. I was staying for one night in his flat and after a shower on late friday morning it was time to enter the party location, namely the university of applied sciences. in the next hours we were carrying tables, chairs, audio equipment and other stuff. on the late afternoon it looked quite nice and we had also some foreign visitors like ps, melwyn or an american scener from the demoscene outreach group. on the evening also scamp arrived with his tent and at this time it was time to pay the entrance fee of 20 euro. the network was running fine now and scamp was setting up an irc and dns server. the university has a very fast internet connection, but we weren't allowed to use it. at about 23:00 the short and quite good opening ceremony began, after this some well known demos were running on the big screen. it was also possible to watch some demos in 3d with special glasses.

after some hours of sleep it was time for a toast from flugeldufel and I have received some more positive comments from fl/mandarine about my mekka 2002 demoshow. he was making a show at this years vip party. shortly after 15:00 it was time for the ansi compo with some nice entries. one bad news reached the visitors at the partyplace: dialogos 2002 is officially cancelled due to lack of money and no sponsors, so the evoke is actually the last serious german demoparty this year. the announced keywords for the surprise handdrawing compo were 'japanese students, c4 (chaos computer club cologne) and fast food'. after this announce it was time for the 4channel music compo. on the late afternoon i had also a nice talk about demoparties and the end of tpb-3 with shifter/tpb, also hellfire/haujobb was arriving at this time. the raytraced graphics compo was dominated by noize/kolor with an entry called 'frahm'. shortly after 20:00 dfox, mbb, scoup and i were the 'stars' in our wild entry called the chair 3.001a. after filming this it was time for my demoshow. it was perfect and the audience seemed to be very pleased with the content (also some of the best asm 2002 demos). in the following 64k-compo haujobb+park were rocking the compo with their entry 'orbitalism'. after this i went with diver for a short time to the c4 party from the chaos computer club cologne, but it wasn't that interesting. the ogg compo was still running when we came back. then i had some further talk with the american guy from the demoscene outreach group and alpha/legend design (he was especially lucky to see the old dos stuff in my show). we ended our talk with the 4k compo which was dominated by a very good intro from muhmac/freestyle + noize/kolor, but other intros were not running without problems or failed to run.

there were some quite nice entries in the democompo, but the probably best chances will have haujobb with their demo 'epilog' and fairlight vs the silents with 'toxic overdose'. after the compo i had some more talk with alpha/legend design about the current situation in our society. the entries from neuro.concept (a zombie-splatter-movie called fear of redemption) and the excellent animation 'tension' by aenima were the best releases in the quite delayed wild compo, but it seems that the animation was already shown at another party?! i can already say that evoke 2002 was a very nice party with good releases. just about 120 visitors, but very international with visitors from finland, france, nederlands, portugal, switzerland and the usa. haujobb won the democompo with 'epilog', the 64k compo was won by haujobb+park while the 4k compo was won by muhmac/freestyle + noize/kolor. neuro.concept won the wild compo. after the price giving poti/bm said that the evoke organizers want to support the dialogos party with some money. maybe dialogos is not lost then. thanks to marlowe for driving me quite near to berlin.