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evoke Z003 report


evoke Z003 photos

our (ferrex/sac and me) train from berlin to hannover was very empty and arrived on time. in hannover spectrum/sac joined our group. nordbourgh was our car driver for the trip from hannover to cologne. all went on without bigger problems, we just missed the 'kamener kreuz' and took some other highway to cologne (with the bad side effect of an one hour lasting traffic jam). but even with this traffic jam we arrived early enough and had the time to enter a super market before we brought our equipment into the party hall. the location was an old fort in a park in southern cologne. in the late evening hours it was clear that the location was to small for all interested sceners. the main hall could hold maybe 100 people and so the organizers had to put several tables in surrounding smaller rooms. after the short opening ceremony someone from the company native instruments made a presentation of their music software. after this it was time for my demoshow which lasted for more than 2 hours and ended with a small assembly 2003 review and a kickass animation.

the in the night hours announced rules for the fast music compo were that you had to remix the evoke invitation song in any way, but the vocals had to be included in some noticeable way. for me it was now time to get some sleep. on the late morning it was possible to take a 'shower' with a garden hose outside. with 40 minutes delay the ansi/ascii compo was starting with some quite nice entries, followed after a short break by the 4-channel music compo. already since yesterday it's very warm in the main hall. atleast for some hours it was possible to open some windows, but they must be closed from evening on to keep the noise inside. the 4k compo had some nice and some quite cheap entries. calodox will have a good chance to win the compo with their visually really good intro 'highway 59', it only lacked sound. but the organizers added some spontane noise with the microphone and it seems that the crowd liked that. after this the rules for the surprise handdrawn compo were announced, the keywords were 'eagle' (there is a big one on the top of the fort), 'construction playground' (bauspielplatz) and 'experiments'. some time later we'll have a bbq grill compo outside the hall. shifter made already advertisements for scene event 2004 and offered me free entrance, but as a jobless person without social welfare i'm not thinking a full year forward. on the early evening it was time for the 64k compo. with only 3 entries by razor 1911, red- and cubalid7 it was a short compo and the quality was quite much below the last year. anyway, no real crap entry in the compo. the following wild compo was clearly dominated by the funny and kickass animation 'egon & dönci' from aenima, but also the blackmaiden animation 'downside' was very nice. the pixel graphics compo brought some nice entries, after this it was time for a pizza break outside the hall. so we missed the ogg compo.

the console compo was dominated by a very nice pocket pc demo from haujobb, kolor & park. the demo compo had several quite nice entries. smash designs made again a demo with fantastic looking scenes (weltenkonstrukt), but i doubt that it will earn many positive comments on pouet. other nice demos came from tpolm (style demo 'ninja in a box'), speckdrumm and science. we are still waiting for the handdrawn and fast music compo, but many people gone to sleep now and the fresh air outside the hall is also much more pleasing. right after writing these words the organizers began to show the handdrawn graphics between the regular infos on the big screen so that the people have the chance to see them also some hours later. from the morning on you could buy an evoke release cd with all compo entries except the wild compo (to big size, the aenima animation alone is more than 600mb big). after some hours sleep we were finally waiting for the fast music compo and the pricegiving. evoke Z003 was a very nice party and the location offered an unique atmosphere, just the old problem with to less space re-appeared. the big screen quality was brilliant and the audio system was fine - thanks to the organizers for their work! the fast music compo was won by scamp (public voting before the pricegiving). the 4k intro compo was won by calodox, followed by cubalid7. the 64k compo was won by cubalid7, followed by razor 1911. cubalid7 won also a special newcomer price (100 euro) donated by 'digitale kultur e.v.'. aenima's kickass animation won the wild compo, the second place gone to black maiden. the console compo was won by haujobb, kolor & park. the demo compo was won by smash designs, followed by tpolm and speckdrumm. intel sponsered the 64k and demo compo with powerful pc's.