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evoke 2000 report


after around 10 hours travel from vienna we (entropy and me) arrived in langerwehe where the evoke was held for the 2nd time. i was visiting entropy for a few days. update/copro was joining our trip in the small town huerth near cologne.

the doors weren't officially open yet, but we could bring our stuff inside the hall. it wasn't very crowded this time, finally around 150 people found the way to evoke 2000 - also some sceners from norway and haujobb members from finland were coming (on their way to the ltp one week later). entropy and the other people in the last table row had no power for some longer time, but finally it was fixed. scamp was coming again with his tent. he released a very nice photo report about the uc4gw at the partyplace. the only compo on the first day was the mp3 compo. the network (without internet access) was very stable this year.

on the afternoon of the next day i was presenting again a demoshow with some nice demos & intros from the past. several compos were held on the afternoon, too. the 4k-compo was cancelled because there was no entry and the 64k- and democompo were delayed for many hours. the surprise compo (handdrawn picture to the theme 'jumpcastle, discobus and teddybear') came with some funny entries. also the music compos had some nice entries. the food support was like last year mainly a hot dog stand and a supermarket just around the street corner. for some hours also avatar was visiting the partyplace, but he had to leave early because stress with his math studium. so he finally missed the 64k-compo in the night. no 'hammer' release, but some quite ok entries for a small party (from unik, entropy, tum and bypass). the wild compo some hour before was not as spectacular like in the last year, but entropy was showing the old game 'boulder dash' on his hp jornada pocket computer.

the third day was beginning with the continued waiting for the democompo. finally it began with nearly ten (!) hours delay. the compo was sponsored financially by the radwar party (their own democompo had no entries), so a very big prizemoney could be payed. one very nice demo was 'medievil times' from witchcraft, another one 'konsum' by farbrausch. no kolor demo this year.
after some more delay it was time for the pricegiving. in the 64k-compo bypass won the 1st price, unik got 2nd and tum 3rd. before the announcement of the demoresults poti (main organizer) said that this was probably the last evoke for the next years because he has not longer time for organizing it. in the democompo haujobb won the 1st price, but for me the 2nd place demo by farbrausch and the 3rd place demo by witchcraft were better. the witchcraft demo contained several dark coloured scenes that were not very good to watch on the big screen. maybe the reason for reaching only the 3rd place.

also this year kb was making a liveact on the stage (zementmixer, what else?). evoke was again a good party, but the delay especially for the democompo was just to big. also some more surprise compos or other events between the compos would be nice. the atmosphere was nice, like in the previous years nearly no gamers at the partyplace. so it was no wrong decision to support the party with 750 dm.