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thank you to seismic/dsl for the translation! deutsche version

Is life worth being lived nowadays? I am not the only one who is asking himself this question more and more often. Are the daily routine and the constraints that we are submitted to and from which we can hardly get away worth being called 'life' at all? Many people say that in the past everything (or at least a lot) was better. Fact is that the society is standing on the edge! Whoever does not own anything is ripped off even more, while a small minority calls the large part of the nation wealth its own. A society without values, which only adores the idol called money.

The word 'social' has been deleted from our market economy a long time ago. The American 'hire and fire'-principle has held entry since long, already. Staff are being looked at as a cost factor which has to be reduced. The state is becoming open to blackmail, big concerns threaten at any opportunity to go into cheaper foreign countries, if their demands are not fulfilled. Investments are only done if high profits are expected. Whole regions are reduced to poverty and the population is forced to move away. Trade unions are overstretched and react helpless to the constant loss of members. Especially in smaller companies people think twice about joining a trade union and so take disadvantages or even being put under pressure if the situation arises. Capitalism is not equivalent to freedom and democracy; on the contrary! Or do you know a lot of companies which allow you to criticise without having to fear notice? They say that property obligates, but who of the wealthy bears this in mind, if they cannot hold a cheque of donation media-drastic into the camera?

Also the media -and especially TV- have contributed their part to the picture that today's society is delivering. Daily we are shown that only 'the fittest will survive' and that pliability only expresses weakness. Not arguments but the biggest weapon and who pulls it the fastest counts; and if TV does not point the weapon at us, it entertains with egocentric artists, talkshows, naked facts or million-dollar-quizshows, which prizes would for sure be invested more useful elsewhere. Who is seriously wondering that more and more children and teenagers become disturbed, because their parents prefer to put them in front of the TV instead of concerning for upbringing and teaching them values which are important for a peaceful togetherness?

And what does politics do? This sector changed fewest over the years. Still there are preferably equivocated cants. Before an election takes place politicians try to be grassroots and make election pledges, which they in the end did not mean as they were understood or which non-fulfilment they explain with the current situation. Meanwhile they do not fail of course in raising the own wage and explaining to ordinary Joe that we all have to tighten the belt. Little accommodations in black suitcases or drawers are willingly accepted, but this naturally does not affect their decision.

Could you wonder, seeing things in this light, that the society developed the way it is showing itself today? I do not think so and I unhappily do not see mended ways, even if the shocked talks after the terrorist attacks in the USA give another impression.

If I would not be in a scene in which strong company is still relevant and in which not everything is just focused on money I would have chosen suicide long ago; and it would be a relief , because life in our society has already for a long time not been worth living!

Crest, autumn 2001