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nexus'95 report


this is no report which was written just hours after the party, but several years later (original report was in german and is lost in the deep grounds of the fidonet)! ok, here it goes...

the 'party' was held on 20th may in the small german town düren between aachen and cologne. after the gathering '95 it was the second party where i took the computer with me and first time on a train trip. announced as the biggest demoparty ever held in germany it was more like a survival training for a scener. the train trip was ok and after a not so long walk we reached the party location. it was the town hall and the party was *not* the only event - there was also a rave for the local kids starting at the same time.

after a delay of about one hour the entrance opened. the security team sucked! they were palpating the whole body of everyone and did that again even when you was just going outside to grab the rest of your equipment. maybe we looked like some drug dealers (but i don't think so) or they were gay :->. the big hall was used for the rave while some small rooms upstairs were used for the party. it was a mix of amiga and pc sceners and they were even some foreigners (from belgium, maybe also nederlands). i was sitting together with the sanction people, nyphton has made a multichannel entry called 'dilogic'. we were mostly watching demos. other people at the partyplace were strontium 90 (they released an intro called 'donuts'), com:sex mediatraps (with a joke demo about the complex demo 'dope'), mystic bytes, n-factor, fbk and humanoid of prophecy with a multichannel entry called 'nexus rave'. it was very loud so that we not heard very much from the rave in the hall.

the compos were held on the ground floor in another small room (in fact to small for around 50 visitors). the big screen was very professional: just some wallpaper taped on a lattice in one corner of the room. the organizers were already drunk or for some other reason not really interested in arranging smooth running competitions. as a result the most demos were crashing on the first try and also the music compos were far away from running smoothly. without the help by avatar (britannia sysop) it would be a complete mess. of course all this was a 'good' advertisement to all foreigners for coming to future german parties. after the compos i continued watching demos with the sanction guys when at around 3am some organizers entered the room and told us that we have to leave shortly and that they will switch of the power in a few minutes because they have to clean the room for a computer flea market on the next morning. we felt quite pissed and leaved this shitty 'party'. after wasting some time at the train station (it was still dark and there were some quite strange looking guys at the station) we finally took the train home. at least we survived this!