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tum 2002 report


rob, heinmukk, krill and myself took a very early train from berlin to the ultimate meeting, again held in mannheim. anything went on without problems and we arrived at about 13:45 at the partyplace (shuttle service by mbb). the location wasn't very filled at this early time, but at the evening around 100 people showed up. also sceners from switzerland, sweden (wrath designs), hungary (tomcat) and latvia (raver). the opening ceremony and the beginning of my combined pc and c64 demoshow were delayed because of problems with displaying the c64 signal on the big screen. later this was fixed and weasel/padua was opening tum*02 with an amazing animation. but my demoshow couldn't start at this time because the beamer wasn't able to display nearly any dos or windows demo in a decent quality. finally we gave up for this time, but dfox found another beamer that he brought to the party some hours later. in the meantime the c64 part of the demoshow was running. i brought 15 mindcandy demodvd's to the partyplace and this was by far not enough. the 15 dvd's were sold in about 4 hours and still several people interested. in the late evening i had to dance (hm.. ) to some happy hardcore music and i had to leave the stage just as the third last person. some people must have a weird taste ;).

shortly after midnight dfox came back with the new 15.000 euro beamer and the show could go on, namely with the wild and ansi/ascii compo (both with some nice entries, for example smash designs with their 40mb demo 'triage 7' to their 11th birthday). after this the second attempt for my pc demoshow started and this time with success. after around 90 minutes and some angry neighbours later it was finally time to go to sleep. in the daylight hours it was time for the music compos with some quite nice entries, also a 4-channel compo was arranged. around noon it was time for the next pizza wave, but it took always quite much time until the pizzas arrived at the location. on the early evening it was time for the raytraycing compo with only 4, but nice entries. this was followed by a fun compo where you had to build a church just with different colored clay and tomcat was the winner. the c64 and pc graphics compo were short but nice, followed by another fun compo. the combined 4k compo began at around 21:30 and contained some decent stuff. black maiden will probably have a good chance to win.

the 64k compo had only three entries, but very good ones from science and farbrausch. the probably winning farbrausch intro 'dopplerdefekt' has to be watched with 3d glasses for full enjoyment and so ryg was spreading those glasses among the people right before the intro was started. but also the other intros should be part of your collection. the demo compo was dominated by an amazing madwizards demo called 'planet loop', but also smash designs and speckdrumm made nice demos. unfortunately there was no c64 demo and also only one console demo. after some talk and a few hours sleep in the warm sleeping hall it was time for the price giving. dipswitch won the 4-channel and the multichannel compo while wayfinder won the mp3/ogg compo. the wild compo was won by oruen production (jco), followed by smash designs and diver/salva mea. heinmukk won the c64 music compo. the 4k intro compo was won by igor/black maiden, followed by t$ and ctulhu/headcrash. the console compo was won by the only entry from wire/napalm (ps2 demo). the 64k compo was won by farbrausch (fr029: dopplerdefekt), followed by science and farbrausch (rausch-o-mat). the demo compo was won by madwizards, followed by speckdrumm and smash designs. tum 2002 was a real good party and the organizers made the best out of the problems on the first day and with the compo machine (hd crash shortly before the compo). thank you to the buyers of the mindcandy dvd which supported me with some additional money.