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tum 2004 report


after a mostly comfortable ride with train and car i have reached the partyplace at around 17:30. it's the same location like last year, but this year with a small chill out corner and a second stage for dj music. the usual suspects are already here, but now on the later evening it seems that tum*04 has less visitors than last year (of course this can still change). from the nearby supermarket i got the usual stuff to drink and some snacks. the opening ceremony wasn't a real one, instead some 'kölsch' (cologne dialect) karaoke singing was performed on the stage. there is an internet connection, but only the http protocol is allowed. so no ftp, irc or anything else (this is also the reason why I can't make a real live report for the people which are not at the party). scamp showed me already some pictures of the breakpoint 2005 party location - looks pretty futuristic! stay tuned for the official launch of the new breakpoint homepage which will be done during tum*04. at 22:00 'malik trey vs gendrift/nuance' made their very first dj liveset on the stage with some experimental and club music. after this it was time for the first compos: ansi/ascii and sid music (not much to say, but there were some quite good entries). now it was time for yoda at the decks on the dj stage while we were waiting for the wild compo.

the delayed wild compo had atleast some quite funny entries (mfx with their first minus release 'vanillarocker'). my demoshow at around 2:25 in the night was after some years again a dos only demoshow with several demos which were never shown before (washing machine by coma for example). after this it was time to get some sleep, but before that i met sir garbagetruck, kusma/excess and a member from inf (forgot the name actually). at 10 in the late morning it was time for the tracked music compo, at noon followed by the raytraced gfx compo with only 5 entries. after long waiting the pizzawave reached the location and many hungry visitors :). they could listen to the mp3/ogg compo with some pretty good entries. fashion is awake and so we can hope for their famous 'waffelsupport' in the next time (after buying the needed stuff). on the afternoon a gba (gameboy advanced) demoshow with some pretty amazing demos was arranged at the 2nd stage, followed by the (very short) c64 gfx compo. the pixeled/handpainted compo had several very nice entries, this will be a hard decision. but for now the decision is clear: time for fashions tasty 'waffelsupport', back after quite some time! at the 2nd stage a dreamcast dancing compo began. not only the breakpoint 2005 ('aliens ate my demomaker') page is launched, also the new pain issue is out now! last but not least farbrausch released their v2 synthesizer system to the public. that's the tool which was used for making the sound in several fr intros (like 'candytron'). on the early evening madenmann tried to announce the fun compo: make a demo with the crappiest demotool ever made: data becker demomaker. the demos will be shown before the pricegiving. there were only 3 intros in the following c64 4k-compo (by limp ninja, aeg/sds and metalvotze) and they were mostly fast made. the pc 4k compo was better with quite good intros by t$ and shash/collapse, but the sound in shash's intro didn't worked. at around 20:30 two fast compos were held simultaniously. one for three selected musicians which had to track a module without using headphones or other equipment and the second for three graphics artists which had to paint a picture of alfhild with oil paint. some time after this it was time for 'pornophonique live' and it seems that the audience liked the music which was also made with a gameboy. quite many ppl bought their merchandising stuff after the live act.

'dark light pattern' by cubalid7 & black maiden is most probably the winner of the pc 64k-compo und surely an excellent intro. other fine stuff came by pocok prodz, brain control and black maiden with a second intro. after this compo the gfx compos were repeated. after this quite many people (including me) were hangin' out at the 2nd stage where yoda was again at the decks. after this break it was time for the c64 demo compo. just remember 'execute overdrive' by smash designs, this demo kicks some serious ass! from the console compo you should watch out for the matt current gba demo 'virus' and the neoscientists ps2 demo 'megadentro' - they simply rule! the amiga compo had only one entry by limp ninja (they were present in nearly every compo). from the pc demo compo i remember especially the entries by farbrausch (fr-038: theta), mfx & kewlers (bp 2005 invitation) and 7th cube. the last part of the farbrausch demo is surely the highlight of this demo while the breakpoint invitation is overall well done. i can already say that tum*04 was a great party with many features and good organizing. next year more visitors should come since the hall can fit clearly more people. before the pricegiving metalvotze made their short pr0n compo (not much entries), followed by the demomaker fun-compo with 2 entries. with about 2 hours delay the pricegiving ceremony was beginning (several people are already gone). smash designs won the c64 4k and demo compo (as 'die chefrocker' they got also the 2nd place in the demo compo). cubalid7 & black maiden won the pc 64k-compo and black maiden got with 'pageturner' also the 2nd place (3rd place to brain control). the console compo was won by matt current, followed by neoscientists and moonhazard. the pc demo compo was won by mfx & kewlers, followed by farbrausch and jco (gabberhammer).