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tum 2003 report


tum 2003 photos

after a pretty long train trip (nearly 10 hours) with partly overcrowded regional trains we (flapjack, silentriot, cdbeavis, two girls, rob and me) finally reached the partyplace, a sportshall in hemsbach/germany which looks pretty much like the mekka partyhall in fallingbostel (just smaller). the madwizards guys were drinking quite much vodka and other stuff already in the train and they continued this at the party. later they were dancing and shouting loud at their place. the hall was easily big enough for 300 people. in fact maybe 170 were coming, but pretty much sceners from foreign countries. after unpacking our stuff we were going to a nearby supermarket to get something to drink and eat. not much later it was time for a first pizza wave. quite fast i met also optimus, the pouet regular without a life ;). later on the evening tmb was offering his excuses to me for his bad behaviour on pouet against my person. it seemed that he was really ashamed. anyway, in the current state of pouet i feel no need for a return. the opening was again done with a nice video by weasel. the last event before midnight was my successful multi platform demoshow. the beamer was the same like last year and so we had a brilliant picture.

after midnight it was time for the first compos, namely the 4channel compo and the wild compo with a quite funny entry by paniq and jco. textrausch + never made a demoshow with cuts from several well known windows demos, but under dos in textmode and with pc speaker sound (really!). later in the night i could see fan's demo 'still sucking nature' in the desired speed, this one is still amazing. aeg was showing me some of his professional work and he made also a demo for the c64 compo. tomcat makes progress with his planned demoscene book called 'freax'. maybe we'll see more at the next breakpoint. according to tomcat it will have around 500 pages with many pictures. after some hours sleep it was time for a very short pc 4k compo with only one entry (christmas intro) by t$. also the later following c64 4k compo had only one entry. a nice idea at tum is the scene music stream, also the music compo entries were streamed after the compo. the pixel/handpainted and raytrace compo on afternoon had some quite nice entries. a journalist from a local newspaper made short interviews with several people. on the evening there was a surprise handdrawn pixel compo with the rules 'rocket, little girl, bruno the nerd'. tomcat won the compo and got a buenzli t-shirt. in another fun compo wayfinder, cp and aeg had to model kb with different colored clay. wayfinder won with a really good made model. the 3rd fun compo was really funny. on a special mat you had to follow the beat of the music, touching the right point at the right time. warp was by far the best here, no one else came even near his results.

the pc 64k compo was dominated by stockholm syndrome with their intro 'point blank', but also the most other intros were quite good. matt current made with 'communism, revolution and a free poland' the most impressive demo in the console/handheld compo. it's made for nokia n-gage and runs also on series 60 phones. the only serious demo in the c64 compo came from smash designs and is called 'fallout'. the pc democompo had some cheap demos, some average stuff and one clear winner: farbrausch with their demo 'zeitmaschine'. mfx continued their universe series with the demo 'the planet'. the kolor demo 'libgov' is quite minimalistic, i have expected something more. the compos are over now and the party continues with live music by the madwizards guys. later in the night they began with more silly stuff like a burp compo. after some hours sleep we had to pack our stuff. because the long train trip we had to leave before the pricegiving, consult the usual sources for the results. thank you to the organizers for a very nice party with some really funny surprise compos. the compos ran mostly without problems.