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Politik und Wirtschaft

Heribert Prantl (SZ): Schäuble, der Angstmach-Minister

these pages are not longer updated. the scene nowadays is clearly not changing for the better and at the same time even the big parties are fighting for their survival. the main reason is the capitalistic system which kills at some point nearly every not profit oriented activity. capitalism and the 'profit over everything' way of thinking has poisened the characters of the most humans atleast in our so 'civilized' western culture. at the same time the personal rights and our freedom are more and more exchanged with so called 'security'. we are on the best way to make george orwell's 1984 look harmless compared with the reality. and whats even more scary: the big majority is accepting that their lives are more and more under permanent control or want even more control ('i have nothing to hide'). we germans should know to which kind of state total control leads but we are together with countries like the usa or great britain (again) on the best way to a new police state and in other countries it doesn't looks much better.

watch me shortly before a bungy jump and in a jetboat (both in new zealand '98)!


that's me in my typical environment. this photo was made at the uc5.25" open air scene party.

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Mindcandy Vol.2 - Best of Amiga demos

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